Wheel Fitment Guide

Wheel Vintiques Wheel Fitment Guide

There are four important measurements that are used to categorize and identify a wheel for fitment purpose. These are:

  • Rim Diameter

    This is the actual diameter of the wheel at the point where the tire bead seats (not the outer lip).
  • Rim Width

    Measure this from the inside of the outer lip at the bead seating point to the inner lip.
  • Backspacing

    A very important measurement is from the inside of the wheel at the point where it contacts the hub, brake drum or axle flange to the outside edge (lip) of the wheel.
  • Bolt Pattern

    Count the number of mounting holes for the wheel and determine the diameter of a circle that would run through their center. On a 4, 6 or 8-lug wheel it’s a direct measurement. On a 5-lug wheel, you can measure from the center of one hole to the OUTER edge of the hole diagonally across from it and get an approximate number that’s very close to the bolt circle diameter.

Determine Proper Fitment


In many instances, the objective will be to fit a larger tire within the confines of a given wheel well or fender. To make sure there is ample clearance for the tire and wheel (including considerations for suspension travel and brake drums/calipers), a number of measurements must be taken and supplied to the Wheel Vintiques tech staff. Please refer to the right for reference.



The Brand/Model (aftermarket) or Year/Make/Model of OEM discs, or the following dimensions, will be required to provide necessary clearance for brake calipers: