1/2" Chrome Lug Nut | Set of 5




Acorn Style Lug Nut for 1/2 inch studs, and feature a cone style seat. Tons of older vehicles came with 1/2-inch lug nuts, and we keep plenty of these chrome lug nuts in stock. Chrome lug nuts can show wear after repeated use and abuse. Pick up a new set, especially when buying a new set of wheels and get your wheels looking new again. Please note, these 1/2 inch stud Acorn Bulge lug nuts use a 3/4" socket and are Right-hand thread. These Lug nuts sold as a set of 5. Lug nuts are an easy way to freshen up an aging set of wheels. Keep a new set in the shop, and install during service, tire installation or rotation. Replace worn or damaged lug nuts immediately.
SKU 5008-5
Finish Chrome
Brand Wheel Accessories
Tire/Product Size (text field) 1/2 inch thread
1/2" Chrome Lug Nut | Set of 5
1/2" Chrome Lug Nut | Set of 5

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