1949 Chevrolet Cap | HHR Wheel




This Chevy cap Fits our 07, 08 & 09 Series HHR Smoothie and Rallye wheels.This FWD cap features the Chevy Bowtie emblem in the center for an understated and classic look. Use these caps with our steel wheels to give your Chevrolet HHR an old school look. Please measure & inspect your wheels to ensure the proper cap fitment size on your order. Our catalog features more than just our wheels! Get the exact look you want with quality caps, trim rings & other accessories from Wheel Vintiques.
SKU 5019
Brand Wheel Accessories
Wheel Cap Size 7.00 "
Finish Chrome
1949 Chevrolet Cap | HHR Wheel
1949 Chevrolet Cap | HHR Wheel

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