Baby Moon Cap for Smoothie | 7.5 inch




This is a Baby Moon hubcap for Smoothie wheels with 7 1/2 inch cap back inside diameter. Nothing beats the look of Baby Moon center caps, and Coker Tire Company has them in stock for its Smoothie wheels. The popular Moon disc Hubcaps design looks great on hot rods and customs. These Baby Moon hubcaps fit our Smoothie wheels, 14" to 16" only. Please check your actual wheels required cap fitment size.
SKU 1009
Brand Wheel Accessories
Wheel Cap Size 7.50 "
Finish Chrome
Baby Moon Cap for Smoothie | 7.5 inch
Baby Moon Cap for Smoothie | 7.5 inch

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Product Questions & Answers

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Baby Moon Cap for Smoothie | 7 1/2 Inch Back I.D. can you tell me what the crown measurement inside the cap would be.I need to clear a 1.5 inch protrusion on the front wheel hub
By Your Name (optional) on April 02, 2018

2 3/8" is the depth from lip to crown.

Coker Tire Support on April 02, 2018
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Will these moons fit a 1959 Chevy 1/2 ton p/u. 15" wheel 6 lug with 3 clips?
By Your Name (optional) on May 25, 2018

I am afraid not. Our caps are not designed to work with clip style wheels and will not fit.

Coker Tire Support on May 25, 2018
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How deep are the center of the baby moon caps? I have front disc brake conversion and I am checking to see if the caps will fit over my hubs that stick out past the lugs. I have the 16 inch smoothie wheels. Thank you.
By Hans on June 04, 2019

Hi there, Our baby moon caps are 2 3/8" deep. Thanks,

Coker Tire Support on June 05, 2019
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